Qigong and Meditation, Numerical Logic,
the Two and the Three

Qi Gong morning workshop
with Chris McAlister
Jerusalem, 05 July 2022, 10:00 - 13:00

[לגרסה בעברית - לחצו כאן]

After 3 years, this July, Chris McAlister is coming to Israel!

As has become customary in the past few years, this year he will also give two short Qi Gong workshops in Jerusalem. One in the morning​ and one in the afternoon.

The theme of this year's Jerusalem morning workshop is: "Qigong and Meditation, Numerical Logic, the Two and the Three".

During this workshop, we will investigate the polarity the Two, of the Yin & the Yang, as it is embodied in the beautiful Qi Gong form - "Taiji Qigong".

From there we will carry on to a seated meditation practice, which investigates the Three. We will practice the Mediation of the 3 Dan Tian / 3 Energy Centres. 

Looking for a clearer knowledge of ourselves, and investigating our range of internal resources and a method by which we can help our system rid itself of troublesome, traumatic energy, in simple steps.


More about this, in the description written by Chris, at the end of the text.

For those who still haven't experienced working with Chris - Chris is a wonderful teacher, that brings an abundance of depth into the practice of Qi Gong. The open, warm and personal meeting, and the pleasant guidance, enhance the possibility to experience the internal flow while practicing.

This workshop is intended both for newer and for more experienced participants!

We would be happy if you share the information with other people who might be interested.


For details and registration, please contact Ronit: 052-4256266 ; info.ronitmalkin@gmail.com


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* Please note: It is recommended to bring a comfortable cushion to sit on for this workshop.


Tuesday, 05/07/22, 10:00 - 13:00.


The workshop will take place on the lawn of the Jerusalem University - Givat Ram Campus.

For whoever knows the Campus, the workshop itself will be held on the lawn in front of the National Library (facing the main entrance to the library).

We will meet next to the fountain, immediately after the main entrance to the campus, at 09:30. Form there we will walk together at 09:45 (about 3 minutes walk).

Please note! On the day of the workshop I will be with an open phone until 10:15
(Ronit - 052-4256266), after which it will be closed, and will only be checked during the breaks...


[Remark: Please bring the payment in cash]

Cost of the workshop - 250 NIS.

For those participating in other workshops with Chris this year, for students of Ronit, Eliko, Reut, Anat, and Maga students - 200 NIS.

[For participants in both of the Jerusalem Qi Gong workshop - 450 NIS]

* In addition, participants in this workshop will be given a 50 NIS discount for participating in the Full Depth Taiji & Qi Gong workshop.

We will be happy to see you!

Wish wishes for fertile and successful workshops!


In Chris's words:

Qigong and Meditation, Numerical Logic, the Two and the Three

Oriental medicine rests on a certain numerical logic.


The one was created from the great infinite potential, 

And from the one came the two. 

The two produced the three,

And from the three came the ten thousand things.


In this workshop I would like to share with you a wonderful embodiment of the two, in the shape of the beautiful Taiji Qigong. We will explore and enjoy many and varied versions of the two in the form of polarity: in and out, up and down, left and right, forward and back, expansion and contraction, and so on. We are, of course, alluding to the great polarity itself, that which the Chinese call yin-yang and which the great Taiji symbol represents both precisely and concisely.


This form has a great many movements - 18 to be exact - and is perhaps to be regarded as relatively complex. (Luckily Ronit, our hostess, has been practicing this form for 15 years…!)


In sharp contrast, we will then switch to a practice that investigates the three. Far, far simpler and with meditative, internal focus this practice brings our attention to the three dan tian, the three energy centres so fabled and so mysterious as to be almost abstract. 


They will become extremely concrete during this practice, during which I will guide you into a clearer knowledge of yourself, your range of internal resources and a method for ridding your system of troublesome, traumatic energy in simple steps.


We will discover that the avenue of the three leads directly and kaleidoscopically to the ten thousand wonderful things.

3 Dan Tian.png