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אודות כריס מכאליסטר


עוסק באומניות ריפוי תנועה ולחימה מזה 20 שנה. כריס למד באנגליה, ארה"ב , הולנד, סין ויפן עם טובי המורים בעולם (ניג'ל דווס, טד קפצ'וק, סוזוקי טקאו, פיטר ייטס, לואו גואה חואה ועוד). הוא הוכשר ביפן, בסין ובאירופה כמטפל באקופנקטורה וצמחי מרפא והתמחה בסין לאורך תשע שנות לימוד בתרגול צ'י-קונג ואמנויות לחימה פנימיות. כיום הוא משמש כנציג שבדיה באיגוד השיאצו האירופי. גישתו הנעימה המשלבת את הבנתו העמוקה לתפיסת החיים המזרחית והחיים כאדם מערבי מהנה ומרעננת. בשיעורים מטובל "העומק המזרחי" בהרבה הומור שמשאיר חוויה עם "טעם של עוד".

ספרים פרי ידו:

Touching the Invisible: Exploring the way of Shiatsu with Jeremy Halpin and Jan Nevelius.


The Poetry of Touch: Alchemy, Transformation and Oriental Medicine -


Chris McAlister:

Chris was born in the UK and grew up on the outskirts of London but has lived nearly all his adult life abroad. For over seven years he was resident in the Far East ‐ mainly in Japan and China but also in India and Tibet. It was here his interest in the oriental arts was kindled and consolidated. He moved back to Europe in 1995 and has lived in and around Uppsala, Sweden ever since.

Chris has been a practitioner of Taiji Chuan, Qigong and martial arts since 1986 and of the healing arts (shiatsu, acupuncture, Chinese herbs) since 1992. He has taught seminars internationally since 1995 in all of these fields.

Since arriving back in Europe, Chris has continued to deepen his experience by attending courses (particularly Ted Kaptchuk's Chinese herbal medicine course in Amsterdam), congresses (most notably in Berlin, Venice and Vienna), inviting colleagues to teach at his centre (Simon Fall, Patrizia Stefanini and Peter Yates among others) and taking regular treatments in several modalities (reflexology, Rosen method, sacro cranial technique etc).

In 2021 he published Touching the Invisible: Exploring the way of Shiatsu with Jeremy Halpin and Jan Nevelius. The book focusses on Shiatsu, Oriental medicine and the current paradigm shift, and guides the reader through familiar topics in a new way, informed by decades of practice and reflection - 


Chris has been involved in the politics of Shiatsu and complementary medicine since 1997, and is currently president of the ESF, the European Shiatsu Federation. He is also president of EFCAM, the European Federation for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, of which ESF is a founding member.


His interests lie also in music (he writes songs, sings and plays drums and percussion), dance (he has danced salsa for twenty years) and literature.

His new book The Poetry of Touch has just been released to popular applause and critical acclaim. The subtitle: Alchemy, Transformation and Oriental Medicine – provides important clues as to the direction of focus for our research and investigation -

Chris sees Shiatsu, Qi Gong and Oriental medicine as life practices and is keen to allow his twin roles of practitioner and teacher to continually cross‐pollinate and feed the eternal student inside him. As part of his exploration, he is as happy to unearth ancient shamanistic fragments as to integrate aspects of contemporary modalities such as osteopathy and Rosen bodywork into his practice.

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