Qigong is the Mother of Them All
Qi Gong afternoon workshop with Chris McAlister Jerusalem, 12 July 2022, 17:00 - 20:00

[לגרסה בעברית - לחצו כאן]

After 3 years, this July, Chris McAlister is coming to Israel!

As has become customary in the past few years, this year he will also give two short Qi Gong workshops in Jerusalem. One in the morning​ and one in the afternoon.

The theme of this year's Jerusalem afternoon workshop is: "Qigong is the Mother of Them All".

During this workshop, we will practice the Qi Gong form - "Ba Duan Jin" (in some of it's English translations - Eight Pieces of Brocade, or Eight Silk Brocades), in the special version, with Chris's tweaking. We will look into the order of the movements, and what we can learn out of them.

We will continue into the practice of "Harmonizing the Five Elements" - a short and elegant form, with which we can continue to explore some of the concepts elaborated.

We will finish our seminar with a short, seated form, that Chris calls - ״Ling Gong״, which touches the unconveyable concept of the Universal soul.


More about this, in the description written by Chris, at the end of the text.

For those who still haven't experienced working with Chris - Chris is a wonderful teacher, that brings an abundance of depth into the practice of Qi Gong. The open, warm and personal meeting, and the pleasant guidance, enhance the possibility to experience the internal flow while practicing.

This workshop is intended both for newer and for more experienced participants!

We would be happy if you share the information with other people who might be interested.

More about this, in the description written by Chris, at the end of the text.

For details and registration, please contact Ronit: 052-4256266 ; info.ronitmalkin@gmail.com


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* Please note: It is recommended to bring a comfortable cushion to sit on for this workshop.


Tuesday, 12/07/22, 17:00 - 20:00.


The workshop will take place on the lawns of the Jerusalem University - Givat Ram Campus.

For whoever knows the Campus, the workshop itself will be held on the lawns of Magnes Boulevard, near the area of Levin building and the Faculty of computer science and engineering, left and down from the National Library (facing the main entrance to the library).  

We will meet next to the fountain, immediately after the main entrance to the campus, at 16:30. Form there we will walk together at 16:45 (about 3 minutes walk).

Please note! On the day of the workshop I will be with an open phone until 17:15

(Ronit - 052-4256266), after which it will be closed, and will only be checked during the breaks...


[Remark: Please bring the payment in cash]

Cost of the workshop - 250 NIS.

For those participating in other workshops with Chris this year, for students of Ronit, Eliko, Reut, Anat, and Maga students - 200 NIS.

[For participants in both of the Jerusalem Qi Gong workshop - 450 NIS]

* In addition, participants in this workshop will be given a 50 NIS discount for participating in the Full Depth Taiji & Qi Gong workshop.

We will be happy to see you!

Wish wishes for fertile and successful workshops!


In Chris's words:

Qigong is the Mother of Them All


Qigong is the Mother of them all”.  These words are etched fast in my memory. Spoken by Peter Yates, my friend, teacher and mentor way back in the early 1990’s, as we talked once again about the importance of this most ungraspable of disciplines. 


He had asked me to assist him at a Qigong weekend workshop. I asked why me of all people, who had been studying with him a mere three years at the time. “Because you do your stuff”, was the response.


Peter was a man who studied the ancient texts like a monk but lived life to the full. He passed away around 18 months ago, way before his time, but also perfectly - he had done all he came here to do and was ready for other challenges. 


And so, we honour the memory of a wonderful man who took training as seriously as any I have met, but was ready to laugh uproariously at the slightest provocation.


He taught me the Ba Duan Jin - on Tuesdays, in the park, for a miniscule financial contribution. Rain or shine, we stood there and moved and learned and enjoyed our time together on the grass and in the coffee shop afterwards. 


After one or two years practice, I changed the sequence of the form he had taught me. Nervously, I presented the changed programme, upon which he exclaimed: “excellent - I’m taking that”. Within the form as I tweaked it, we find a revealing and informative order. Two, in fact. The basics I will reveal to you as we practice, and as we rest, I will explain some of the details.


Following on from this exploration, we will go on to practice a very short and elegant programme called Harmonising the Five Elements to illustrate and embody some of the concepts elaborated.


We will finish our seminar with a short, seated form, which I call Ling Gong. 


It came to/through me on the eve of midwinter last year. It concerns the Universal soul, the Numinous, that which the Chinese call “ling” and the Japanese “rei”. 


I will explain the movements and postures as we go along and finally, I will explain the details of the Chinese character used to convey this unconveyable concept as we enjoy the final posture.