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            Dr Alan Peatfield started learning Oriental martial arts in 1968, and has specialized in Chinese internal martial arts and qigong since 1977. His first teacher was Li Shiao Chiang (Rose Li), learning Xingyi, Bagua, and Tai Chi. He started teaching while living in Athens in 1983, and continues to teach qigong and all the Chinese internal arts in Ireland, England, Greece and Israel.

            In 1988 Alan met Dan Docherty and soon became a teacher of Practical Tai Chi Chuan, teaching in both Crete and Ireland. He met Dr Xie Peiqi in 1996 and was his student until Dr Xie died in 2003. From Dr Xie Alan learned Yin style Bagua and the Imperial Palace qigong methods preserved in the Yin Bagua system.

            Alan’s main teacher since 1988 is Bruce Frantzis, specializing in Daoist Neigong and Daoist Meditation. Alan and Dr Frantzis are together preparing a new translation and commentary on the Daodejing classic text.

            In addition Alan is a founder member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. He is certified instructor of Energy Arts. He also teaches a module in Tai Chi for Physiotherapists in the School of Health Sciences in University College Dublin, and is initiating the use of Tai Chi and Qigong as a therapy in St Vincent’s Hospital Dublin.


            When not teaching qigong, Alan is a professor of archaeology, teaching in University College Dublin. He specializes in the prehistory of Crete (Minoan civilization), and has published widely on his research.

Alan is the author of a new and inspiring translation of Laozi's classic Daodejing, with commentary by Bruce Frantzis:

"Daodejing - The Oral Tradition".

Available in paper back and kindle versions - here.

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